Friday, 20 September 2013

35 Staples

Today the staples were removed. There were more than I'd realised and I was absurdly proud of this number. Not bad, I thought.
As if it were a personal achievement.
Staple removing works as follows:
It's a clever little snippy set of pliers which in theory makes staple removal quick and easy.
The ones in my knee were pretty bent and required some wiggling to remove but overall the whole experience was relatively painless. I'm not sure what I was expecting but things feel much the same as before to be honest.
After the epic single-day ascent of the stairs up to the doctors' surgery I came home and slept all day. Still too tired for pull-ups. I really want to do more pull-ups but waiting around has never been my forte. SOON, I hope.
The most exciting news of the day is that there will be bacon for dessert. Mmm.
Knee Staples Gone...
and Ankle Staples Gone!

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