Saturday, 14 September 2013

Office Chairs

I'm home with Ali. We ended up using a swivel chair with wheels to get ready for bed because I could only make a few steps before I fell over in pain and I just couldn't make it. I thought this was pretty ingenious. My idea, of course.
Things are very painful and I know Ali is worried about how we're going to cope but we'll be OK.
I saw Seb today for a few hours which is nice, but then things all spiralled downwards. The opiates seem to make a mess of a person and the whole night was spent either throwing up everything I'd eaten or with a stomach ache. Alistair looked up tips on heroin websites. They seem to have the same symptoms but a hell of a lot worse. It must suck.
The sickness meant that I didn't take much care of my leg last night so it's pretty sore this morning.
It's only been a week. My god.
Ali is my hero.

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