Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A New Day

Today I woke up feeling terrible. I used ice, then I still felt terrible. I took Tramadol, and still felt terrible. I realised I needed to pull.I did 5 pull-ups. With a lot of spotting from Alistair. My leg hates being that way up but let's face it it's no worse than crutching and it's not actually doing it any harm so I wish it'd bloody stop complaining.
But my god it felt good. It only took 5 pull ups after 11 days of being climbing clean and I could feel the hit starting to make me smile. This has to be addiction.
I guess 5 pull ups felt so great because it's been a while since I last climbed. Ah yes.
I did two more sets. Today feels big :)
It was pretty tiring though...
Caught unawares looking peeved...
With careful spotting...
It was hard to know what to do with my legs at the bottom of the pull-up...

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