Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rainbows and Sunshine

I want to write positive and motivated stuff every day. But part of the reason I started blogging about breaking my leg and the subsequent recovery was so that other climbers would maybe find it helpful one day.
And I don't feel positive and motivated today. Yesterday, I got some emails sent and some pull-ups done, and even some physics, and I felt like I'd done really well. But today I'm paying for it. I'm really tired, but I can't sleep. I can't eat because I have horrible indigestion from lying down too much. My leg hurts more than yesterday. But the worst thing about today is that when I close my eyes I can see my leg breaking underneath me, I can hear it snap and I can hear myself scream.
I guess that will fade away with time. But at the moment something will often remind me and I can't help it. So I feel down today.
But the good thing about today is that I have good friends and family, who are there for me. I'm glad about that.

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